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Who We Are

Vita Community Living Services (Vita CLS) is a non-profit charitable organization primarily funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis (developmental disability accompanied by a psychiatric diagnosis). Vita CLS provides residential supports, respite programs, and community participation programs, as well as clinical and educational services.

Mens Sana Families for Mental Health (Mens Sana) is a non-profit charitable organization started by families of adults with chronic mental illness. It is primarily funded though charitable donations and provides residential and day services to adults with serious mental illness, as well as family support programs for their families.

In 2005, Mens Sana joined Vita CLS. We commonly refer to both organizations as Vita.

Vita and Mens Sana share a common organizational structure and policies, but continue to operate as separate entities.

Providing Safety, Practicing Respect, Promoting Community


Mission Statement

Vita Community Living Services and Mens Sana Families for Mental Health provide safety,
respect and community through services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or
mental health needs.

Vision Statement

• Create a safe place for individuals to live and work.
• Develop an atmosphere of trust for all.
• Respect cultural heritage.
• Practice positive management for staff.
• Follow direction from members regarding personal goals and dreams.
• Aspire to provide open access to all with mental health and/or intellectual disabilities regardless of their need.
• Encourage members, families and staff to provide insight, oversight and feedback.
• Promote the idea of voice for all, members, family and staff.
• Provide opportunity to access all the community has to offer.
• Educate the larger community about the value of those with disabilities.
• Challenge ourselves to stay current, stay fresh and stay committed.


• Understanding that safety is a basic human right
• Treating everyone with dignity, honesty, respect and compassion
• Being a caring and professional organization
• Having progressive, innovative and adaptive personnel
• Promoting the achievement of individual choices, dreams and aspirations
• Respecting individual rights
• Fostering the Italian Canadian heritage of VITA's origins

Vita Community Services/Mens Sana
4301 Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON
M9L 2Y3
416 749 6234 (Telephone)
416 749 1456 (Facsimile)