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Our Services

Funded Services

Vita offers a variety of services. Traditionally, residential, respite and conventional  day programs (Community Participation programs)   are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Fee for Service

Vita opened its door to the individuals with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis who are in a need of affordable and appropriate day services.  There is a variety of programs for adults available in Toronto and York region. Information about these programs can be find under the following headings: day services, evening/weekends, Learning You or by contacting Support Services Department at 416-749-6234. The cost of the program depends of the level of assistance an individual with developmental disability and/or dual diagnosis requires. This is determined on individual basis. Generally, in a setting where there is one Vita staff with 4 adults with developmental disability the cost is $45 per day (8:30 to 5) with additional $100 for extended hours until 6 pm monthly. There are variety of options to attend available: full time and part time attendance.

Educational programs (like Learning You) are priced based on duration of each course as well as the level of staff  assistance required.

Vita Community Services/Mens Sana
4301 Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON
M9L 2Y3
416 749 6234 (Telephone)
416 749 1456 (Facsimile)