Clinical Services

Clinical and Educational Approach

People with disabilities deserve a wide range of services to meet their clinical and educational needs. As a result of this simple fact, Vita has worked to become ‘resource rich’ so that there are a variety of options for our members. Though our resources are varied, all have the same goal, to develop a personalized plan for an individual to learn, grow and achieve or to resolve issues and consolidate strengths. As such our approach is educational and habilitative. Goals are positive and about growth, as much, if not more, as they are about changing or reducing problem behaviour.

Through the Clinical and Educational Department at Vita Community Living Services we also are overseeing an agency-wide Disability Pride Programme and are working at raising awareness of disability issues within the organization.

The Department is actively sharing information with others. We have published several articles in magazines such as Exceptional Family, Abilities and Voices. We have also published in peer-reviewed journals and our staff are being supported in presenting at provincial and international conferences.