Residential Services

Vita has the goal of providing excellent services in a number of different areas; our job is more than providing spaces and activities.

Our Residential Services ensure that every member who lives in service has a place that is completely his or her own. From decorating a room to deciding what goes where, the choice is his or hers alone. Everyone needs a "home of one's own." This is the goal of the residential team, no matter if the individual lives with minimal supports in an apartment or with 24-hour support in group living.

People with disabilities sometimes need support to deal with life stresses or to learn new ways of coping with anger, frustration or grief. Our clinical team offers behavioural therapy, art therapy and counseling. We also have psychiatric consultation, services from a nutritionist, physiotherapy, and occupational therapists available. We believe that, like everyone else, people with disabilities need a wide range of options to draw upon for service or support.

People with intellectual disabilities can learn. This is particularly true when they are offered opportunities to learn things that are immediately applicable to their lives and when they are taught in a way that maximizes their opportunities for success. Since 2006 Vita has been offering classes in areas that are of interest to our members: Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Boundaries Awareness, Abuse Prevention, Relationship Training and Friendship Skills, are the classes which form the backbone of our Educational Services. We also offer short classes, some as short as one evening, on topics as diverse as computer skills, entertaining, dating and photography.

Our members have responded positively and with enthusiasm to the classes, some have taken many classes and some have requested to repeat classes because they enjoyed them so much. Learning is part of life and, of course, Vita is Italian for 'Life'.