We can get your car or van sparkling clean!
Where: TYCOS day program at 102 TYCOS drive
Cost: We work for cash donations
Time: Between 10:00AM and 3:00PM HELP MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. We the RIGHTS GROUP will use the mony earned to get Education, GO to ADVOCACY CONFERENCES, TO hold meetings and buy supplies.
Rain date THURSDAY AUGUST 28TH 10:00AM-3:00PM

Rights Group Update - May 2013 + Events.

March 2013

  • Our Annual Planning Day is coming up to decide what we work on this year
  • We have prizes on Annual Planning Day
  • We plan to do fundraising-car washes and the holiday party raffle
  • We have elections every two years
  • We participate in conferences
  • We have visits from the Vita Board three times a year
  • We are looking for two new helpers and we help with the interviews and hiring
  • We have the Bill of Rights
  • We did a Gossip Policy on how to stop it
  • We attended Information Fairs
  • We helped update VITA's website
  • We signed an ODSP Petition
  • We voted on a new treasurer
  • We did Raffle at the holiday party to raise money
  • We check and respond to emails
  • We got a phone and check messages
  • We voted to get business cards
  • We present the Bill of Rights to new employees
  • We have a member attend Board Meeting and tell them what is new with the Rights Group and she listens to them