Our Services and Programs

At VITA, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our members as they grow and change throughout their lifespan. Working in partnership with families and members, we offer innovative services and supports to meet the needs of our members from early to late adulthood.

Support Services

Our Support Services staff are VITA’s ambassadors: they are typically the first contact point for families looking for help and support. They connect and collaborate with families, members and the developmental services sector to ensure appropriate support. Finding the right service can be daunting. At VITA, we help families navigate Ontario’s Developmental Services System and other resources to make their lives easier.

VITA provides a comprehensive range of services:

Program Services are offered for both adults with intellectual disabilities and dual diagnosis (an intellectual disability and mental illness). Many of our services are funded by the Government of Ontario. We also offer fee-for- service programs.

Services and Programs

Your Choice Summer Camp

Vita's Day Services

Learning U

Residential Services

Clinical Services

Services and Programs

Clinical and Educational Services

Our Clinical and Educational Services (CES) provide therapeutic interventions and learning opportunities for members to help them acquire new skills and develop the abilities to live with a sense of well-being and support for the achievement of their life goals. Training is also offered to Direct Support Professionals and sector related agencies to keep pace with evolving best practices and to better serve a variety of specialized populations.

Program Highlights
  • Clinical services: Consultation, life skills and community living training/ classes, including our innovative Learning You Program provided in our Day Programs.
  • From Trauma to Trust: A new therapy clinic for adults with intellectual disabilities who have endured trauma from life experiences, institutionalization, and loss or grief.
  • Educational services: Using evidence -based approaches, knowledge and skills are broadly shared within the sector, across the country and around the world.
  • The International Journal for Direct Support Professionals: Provides practical information in an accessible format in English, French and Spanish.

Respite Services

Pre-planned, short-term breaks for family members who provide daily support for family members 16 years of age or older.

Program Highlights
  • March Break and Summer Programs
  • Vacation / Holiday Respite Programs
  • Day, weekend, and overnight respite services

Treatment Programs

Short- and long-term treatment programs available as well as post treatment supports for adults with complex behavioural needs and/or a dual diagnosis to enable them to live as safely and productively as possible in their communities.

Program supports individuals who might be transitioning from their family home, homelessness, other types of treatment, hospitalization, and/or may be experiencing changing needs.

Program Highlights
  • Transitional Treatment Services and Complex Behaviour Treatment Program
  • Transitional Specialized Program
  • Permanent Treatment Services: Prader-Willi Syndrome treatment program and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) treatment program

Community Participation Services (CPS)

CPS offers educational and experiential learning opportunities aimed at empowering people to create meaningful connections and friendships while developing life, leisure and employment skills.

Our dedicated staff work with the Clinical Services and each member to maximize the individual’s input into their own day. Services are designed to support independence, self-advocacy and community inclusion. Services are designed to support independence, self-advocacy and community inclusion.

Program Highlights
  • 7 Community Participation Programs across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Monday to Friday Service
  • Group and 1:1 approaches that build on individual strengths and interests based on choices and opportunities
  • Annual goal-setting and evaluation to promote independence and choices while providing members with skills to complete tasks as independently as possible
  • Social, communication, life skills, job readiness skills: swimming, bowling, library, computer lab, and day trips to various locations in and around the GTA.

Day Respite Program

If you wish to attend a class or you just need some time to yourself, Vita will provide you with flexible respite options throughout the week or weekends, during the day, in the evenings or overnight. Day respite is offered from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with an option of extended hours until 6:00 pm. Some of the activities offered during the day range from various themed activities, fun music classes, health and wellness classes, baking and cooking activities, to trips to local attractions and various outdoor activities (i.e. hiking).

Cost of the Program

Respite program cost depends on the type of program chosen as well as the level of support your family member needs. Generally, participation in small group (sharing one staff with 4 other people) day activities cost $35.00 per day.
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Your Choice Summer Camp

July 4 – August 26

Summer at VITA is about our members getting together to take part in community activities. Our summer camp is offered 6 days per week, from Monday to Saturday, from 10am till 4pm. You can take part in any combination of days. There are three packages to choose from to find a schedule that best suits your needs:

Package 1:
Monday - Friday
10am - 4pm
1:5 staffing ratio
$300 per week

Package 2:
Monday - Saturday
10am - 4pm
1:5 staffing ratio
$360 per week

Package 3:
Any Day
10am - 4pm
1:5 staffing ratio
$60 per day

A sample of activities include:

  • creating your own masterpieces & visiting galleries
  • going to places like museums, the beach, the Science Centre, local fairs, historic tours
  • learning how to compose, print, search & play on the computer
  • cooking and enjoying the classic creations & gourmet experiments you prepare
  • assorted crafts like knitting, needlepoint, origami, jewellery design, scrapbooking
  • sing-alongs, instrumental fun, attending concerts
  • swimming at local indoor & outdoor pools with lessons an option
  • wilderness excursions - hikes, canoeing & paddle boats, garden tours

Activity admission fees are not included in the camp rates.
To attend or make inquiries, please contact:
Vanessa MacDonald
908-597-6336 ext. 200

To see camp flyer Click Here

Vita's Day Services

VITA Summer Choice Camp

411 Confederation Parkway, Unit 3, Vaughan, L4K 0A8
  • Fun filled fine and gross motor skills activities
  • Arts and crafts themed activities depending on season/holiday/occasion
  • Access to a variety of VITA’s sensory rooms
  • Community trips (half and full day planned events) to local attractions
  • Participation in VITA’s Book Club
  • Cultural awareness activities
  • Various outdoor activities usually in the warmer weather months
  • Food handler training
  • Computer classes
  • Sewing classes
  • Preparation of nutritious snacks and simple meals
  • Money management and shopping skills development class
  • Music appreciation and Karaoke challenge
  • Health and wellness activities
  • Delivery of meals on wheels
  • Option to participate in summer vacation trips

Learning U

Community living is a skill as much as it is a concept. Vita Community Living Services has developed a variety of different trainings for people with disabilities to help develop the skills and abilities for living a life of maximum quality in the community. All training, (with exception of the Abuse Prevention refresher) begins with a pre-test that will allow instructors to target specific needs of those attending the classes. The post-test will allow the instructors to measure success and if necessary point out areas for future development.

All Vita classes are aimed specifically at the needs of the learners with intellectual disabilities and are designed to be fun and affirming. Our feedback from students attending these classes has been exceptional and we are gratified at the reports that our students are transferring their skills to the real world. All class instructors are supervised by Dave Hingsburger, Vita’s Director of Clinical and Educational Services. Community living is a skill that is an honour to teach.

For more information and registration, contact Support Services at 416-749-6234.

Residential Services

Residential supports are calibrated to individual member needs, interests and behaviours, which can change over time. Homes are staffed with specialized and skilled talent to best support our members. Our direct support professionals work closely with Clinical and Educational Services to bolster existing skills and to identify and deliver new skill-building opportunities.

Program Highlights
  • 24/7-365 Program Support (Clinical Services and Building Maintenance)
  • Direct support professionals trained in accordance with VITA policies and procedures and Ministry regulations
  • VITA’s Rights Approach: Members have a voice at the table and choice in the service they receive — pertaining to privacy and confidentiality, personal support plans, medication practices and procedures, and clinical documentation.

Clinical Services

Clinical and Educational Approach

People with disabilities deserve a wide range of services to meet their clinical and educational needs. As a result of this simple fact, Vita has worked to become ‘resource rich’ so that there are a variety of options for our members. Though our resources are varied, all have the same goal, to develop a personalized plan for an individual to learn, grow and achieve or to resolve issues and consolidate strengths. As such our approach is educational and rehabilitative. Goals are positive and about growth, as much, if not more, as they are about changing or reducing problem behaviour.

Through the Clinical and Educational Department at Vita Community Living Services we also are overseeing an agency-wide Disability Pride Programme and are working at raising awareness of disability issues within the organization.

The Department is actively sharing information with others. We have published several articles in magazines such as Exceptional Family, Abilities and Voices. We have also published in peer-reviewed journals and our staff are being supported in presenting at provincial and international conferences.